About Us

Sun Mountain Cafe


The Ute people have claimed Pikes Peak as their home for thousands of years. Artifacts from this tribe can be found in Garden of the Gods which date back to 3,500 years ago. These nomadic indians were said to have spent their summers in the mountains, then travel down Ute Pass during the fall. This was to make offerings to the Spirits of the Springs for good health and good hunting before traveling eastward to hunt buffalo. Having traversed the area for many years before we did, the Ute Indians would refer to Pikes Peak as Tavakiev, meaning Sun Mountain.

Owners Jake and ElyseSun Mountain Cafe is nestled in the heart of Old Colorado City located near the base of Pikes Peak. At Sun Mountain we combine organic ingredients, locally roasted coffee and a combination of Colorado microbrews to provide an authentic Colorado taste. We deliver clean ingredients to delightful people in a great atmosphere.

Jake and Elyse have been in apart of the Colorado Springs community for over 20 years combined. Jake served as a medic at Fort Carson then became a resident to area when he met Elyse. Elyse moved with her family to the Springs in 1993 and, after graduating high school, had been working at Memorial Hospital when she met Jake. Together, Jake and Elyse traveled around Colorado; experiencing the various hot springs, mountain brews, and festivals.

Upon finding out they would be expecting their own little bundle of joy, decided they would also start growing a business. Jake and Elyse tried to combined the beauty, history and diverse microbrews, with fresh local coffee and organically grown produce provided by local distributors… and so Sun Mountain Cafe was born.